How To Improve Your Overall Health

Hello, my name is Cochise Pendleton. I have been writing articles defending God’s Word from Watchtower deception, lies, deceit, and untruth for many years. The Organization has manipulated millions of lives for more than a century. They have destroyed families and effectively murdered children and others by teaching that blood transfusions were God-condemned, so many died as a result of refusing such life-saving transfusions. I will continue to expose Watchtower biblical deception because that is my Christian ministry, but there is another topic that merits attention.

Pastor Rick Warren taught from the Saddleback Church platform the subject of health and longevity. He brought in various health care professionals to educate over 40,000 parishioners. They taught us the importance of diet, exercise and the full spectrum of living a healthy life. As a matter of fact, the whole church got involved with health conscious living with prescribed daily routines for optimal health. I mention Pastor Rick’s educational program because I also want to share something on the subject of health. I was recently introduced to something quite profound. Truthfully, I did not believe what I was being told and had a hard time believing the materials I was given to read. But after talking with a doctor and listening to another, I was compelled to investigate. What I found was something so astonishing that keeping it to myself was not an option.  I have created a new blog for this very purpose.  Please Click Here



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