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The primary purpose of this book is to bring transparency to the Watchtower Organization’s influence over people across the world.  How has the Organization been able to influence so many people from all walks of life?  Why are people drawn to their teachings?  What causes some to leave their churches and join the Watchtower’s membership?

One explanation is the extremely effective proselytizing methods used by the Watchtower.  Their message is uniform throughout the Organization, so much so that every congregation (church) of Jehovah’s Witnesses across the globe receives the same weekly message, including instructions regarding their house-to-house ministry, so that when they knock on your door they are well-rehearsed, arriving in respectable attire, often with children at their side, to deliver a message that is simple and direct.

Another very powerful reason is the Watchtower’s uncanny ability to convince people that they act on God’s authority and are His sole instrument on earth.

Therefore, our approach will not focus on Watchtower interpretation of scripture; rather, we will concentrate on the foundation of Watchtower eschatology (doctrine).  In doing so, we will not only consider the reasons set forth above in more depth, we will also examine some foundational Watchtower teachings that the average Jehovah’s Witness has never known and will undoubtedly be shocked to learn.  Then, as the title indicates, we will analyze several of those teachings in conjunction with biblical authority, and you can decide for yourself whether God’s Word supports or refutes each such claim.

7 Responses to “Book Preview”

  1. Debbi Hutton Says:

    Coach, I am so proud of you that you followed up and had this book published so that it can be shared with so many. This information is sorely needed and is a powerful tool in understanding the following of the Jehovahs Witnesses religion and how that compares with The Holy Bible.

  2. thebiblevsthewatchtower Says:

    Hello Debbie,

    First and foremost, THANK YOU for your comment on my blog … It will be posted! Also, I thank you for supporting my book. I am very happy to have finished this work. I pray that our Lord in heaven continue to bless the spread of this material. God has already done so much for me in the publication process, and His placing of people in my path, to help me get this message out, has been remarkable.

    I am already booked on three talk radio broadcasts. One of which is in January. The date is January 8, 2010, and the Radio Broadcast comes out of New York. I will be on for one hour … answering questions about my book from callers. As you can see, God the Holy Spirit has His hand in this. The second broadcast, again out of New York, will broadcast an interview, with me, that will reach the entire globe. I already have an email from Sweden wanting a copy. There is so much more … But enough for now … Thank you Debbie!

    Your brother in Christ,

  3. Deb Says:

    I thought the intro was wonderful as I am very interested in reading your book also and want to write one also as my experience as a lifelong JW; though not anymore. The picture was awesome and appropriate. Overall, everything looks and sounds great. Congratulations, as I know you must be proud as I would certainly be if I had made such an achievement. Obviously, God is blessing you tremendously. I applaud all of your efforts. I want a book as soon as I can afford it. Thanks for letting us comment on your post here. Oh, and thank you for personally contacting me via e-mail. I thought that was very sweet of you. Stay in contact. Deb

  4. Leslie Brown Says:

    Hi Coach,

    Congratulations on your book and thank you for making parts of it available through your blog.
    God Bless you

  5. Mary Aguilar Says:


    Congratulations, looking forward to our interview, great job! Well written, Love it love it.


  6. Julie Says:

    Listening to the promo, I am intrigued and look forward to reading the book. The exploration of addiction is important and draws my mind to one of my favorite films/books “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.” When the character MacMurphy discovers the majority of his inmates are there voluntarily he is dumbfounded. That is also the reaction of those who do not understand why some of us at one time made a choice to join and follow the Watchtower. We voluntarily gave up our freedom, why? I chose at one time in my life to be “institutionalized” by them too, but I like to think I was given the strength of “Chief” who lifted that sink, threw it through the window and ran off into the night to avoid an eventual lobotomy!! I anticipate that your book deals with this phenomena of why people choose this addiction over freedom and provides the tools to use in leaving.

    I like also how you pose the Watchtower authority as a question rather than an outright declaration. You ask us to make the choice if the Watchtower is the voice of God. I suspect your book will have appeal to those who minister to JWs as well as to those still in the healing process of the addiction they were under.

    Thank you Cochise!

  7. Jon Tisdale Says:


    Not ordinarily my thing, but I bought it AND I read it. Nicely written and I agree with your basic premise . . . that The Watchtower manipulates truth to attract converts via the usual methodolgy . . . fear. Since every diestic religion on earth is founded on the principle that their’s is only “true” religion, its all a question of how ethically you go about it, isn’t it? The Watchtower is, in my book, pretty much petrified parrot droppings on bicycles.

    your pal, Tiz

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