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5.0 out of 5 stars … The anecdote works, January 6, 2010
Cochise Pendleton set out to write a book that would provide an anecdote to the Watchtower addiction which controls even those who’ve left the organization. The last page sums it all up by restating the author’s purpose in exposing the Watchtower’s lack of credibility which in turn renders their teachings meaningless. I believe he accomplished his goal. As one formerly addicted to the Watchtower’s pseudo Christian teachings, I agree that in order to accept any other biblical interpretation, the mighty wall of Watchtower authority has to come down first.

“The Bible vs. The Watchtower’s” presentation as a “case” shows the qualities of an attorney’s touch and in so doing lives up to the title which promises it’s jury “you decide…” The scope of this jury ranges from struggling current and former members of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the family and friends called to help and understand their addiction, and the body of Christ given the commission to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ with those who show up at their doors. The author offers tips on how Christians can go about sharing their faith respectfully with one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and includes the story of his own spiritual journey as well.

Among the variety of books authored by former members of this religion, Mr. Pendleton’s stands out as unique due to the scores of Watchtower quotes and court case trial transcripts he managed to fit within less than 100 pages. It’s concise size with such easily referenced quotes make this a valuable ministry tool for those engaged in reaching Watchtower members. I would also recommend it for church leaders equipping their members through small group studies.
former member of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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5.0 of 5 stars … An Easy & Informative Read even for the Non-Secular Crowd
Posted January 9, 2010, 7:46 PM EST: The Author has clearly shown the JW Watchtower as being cult-like without being preachy; I truly enjoyed the ” You Decide ” aspect of the book and due to the Author’s Extensive Research, the Reader is shown the overwhelming evidence not favorable to his former JW Faith.

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