A Look “Inside” The Book!


Jehovah’s Witnesses are drawn to and rely upon four major claims of divine authority by the Watchtower Organization.  These claims are profound and compelling in that they establish the Watchtower as God’s sole instrument on earth, thereby requiring that their followers accept and obey the Organization’s teachings unconditionally.  In fact, these four sources of Watchtower authority will form the backdrop for our analysis of whether key doctrinal positions introduced by the Organization are supported by the Bible.

1.  The Watchtower magazine is God’s Word

First, the Organization represents that the Watchtower magazine is God’s Word.  During a 1943 New York Supreme Court case entitled Moyle vs. Franz, et al., in which Olin Moyle sued the Watchtower Organization and several of its officers for defamation, Nathan Homer Knorr, then-President of the Watchtower, testified on this subject as follows (at Section 4421, page 1474 of the trial transcript):

Question: But you don’t make any such statement, that you are subject to correction, in your Watch Tower papers, do you?

Answer: Not that I recall.

Question: In fact, it is set forth directly as God’s Word, isn’t it?

Answer: Yes, as His word.

Question: Without any qualification whatsoever?

Answer: That is right.

This sworn testimony is clear – the Watchtower magazine (here referred to as “papers”) is God’s Word.  Moreover, the content of the magazine is not subject to correction.  In essence, since God’s Word is infallible, any statements made in the Watchtower magazine are also infallible.


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