Learn The Cause of Watchtower Addiction … My Mission Statement To The World!

Mission Statement

The purpose of writing a book varies from one person to another. My book, however, was written for a very specific reason, but directed not only to former members of the Watchtower in an effort to help eliminate their Watchtower addiction, but to the world. That said, the question then becomes, why … why does it matter to the world what the Watchtower organization believes or teaches?

During World War ll, there were many lives taken by Hitler. I don’t mean on the battlefield; I’m referring to the trains that carried millions of innocent Jewish families to their final destination in life. I wonder … if they had been forewarned, would the history books have told a different story?

Jonestown was another sad day in which many lives were taken unnecessarily. Heaven’s Gate, too, was another cult that preyed on the innocent. If they only knew how they were being controlled.

So why does it matter to the world what the Watchtower organization believes or teaches?

I wrote my book in hopes that it’s informative but profound material would bring public awareness to their teachings (unlike those Jewish families who were not alerted to Hitler’s planned slaughter). This information is directed to both Christians and non-Christians in an attempt to bring transparency to Watchtower theology and to demonstrate how they are able to manipulate and control the minds of their members.

It is my belief that being forewarned is being forearmed. Millions of lives are in the balance. You will judge my life’s work, hence the title: The Bible vs The Watchtower … (The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Authority) You Decide …


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4 Responses to “Learn The Cause of Watchtower Addiction … My Mission Statement To The World!”

  1. theologian1 Says:

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only ones that are fulfilling Bible prophecy in Matthew 24:14. Because Bibllions of lives are in the balance. See:

    • thebiblevsthewatchtower Says:

      Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are to be commended for their demonstration of faith going door-to-door with the Gospel; the only problem with their proclamation from door-to-door and pulpit, is that they bring and teach a different gospel. The true gospel teaches that Christ was the Word in the beginning, and the Word was God, and God became flesh and dwelt among man. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh … The Son of God, or rather, God the Son, this according to John 1:1,14. Nowhere in scripture does the Bible identify Christ as Michael, or as One God among many so say the Mormons.

    • Joshi Says:

      JWs have a bad rule of trying to tell evorneye one else that what they are doing and how they are doing it, isn’t right.There is absolutely nothing wrong with studying the Bible by oneself, in fact, it is in silent contemplation of scripture that great insights can be gained, this is well know among the great writers of Biblical literature. If one comes up with questions they do not understand, then it is time to discuss those questions with friends in order to gain further insight into them.My advice:Do not let a cult like JWs brainwash you with their pressure’ tactics into a pattern you do not wish to follow. It is an insult to your sister that they are using her to get to you, this not only shows the lack of respect they have for individual thinking, but also the tactics to which they will stoop to achieve there end.The Witch-Tower’ magazine, is printed by JWs, for JWs and is extremely self opinionated, JWs are not allowed to read any other material written about the Bible unless it comes from Witch-Tower.DO NOT BE ****** IN MY THEM!!If they keep hassling you, tell them you will report them under the Reformed Witchcraft Act of 1951. It covers things like: Harassment, blackmail and psychological intimidation.’ That usually works, its scares the life out of them.Edited on:I have just read some of the answers given here, they are quite sound and if you do not listen and follow the advice of the above individual’s, more fool you.

      • theologian1 Says:

        There could be much to say in reply. I will only ask one question: Have you honestly examined the reason of you hate for Jehovah’s witnesses?

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