Video Email Communication

Hello and God Bless Everyone!!

I now have a new internet tool that is very cool!!  I can now communicate to all my subscribers through “Video Email” … 

To receive  my video emails, my new system must capture your email …

My squeeze page (email capturing system) has been uploaded.  This site would not allow

for this format so I uploaded the squeeze page on my Internet Tool site.

I will give you the link … once you are arrive, go to the top of the page

and click on “Cochise / His Book”

Fill in your email and hit “click here to continue”   You’re finished!!  You will then receive a THANK YOU

from Pure Leverage BUT, don’t worry.  I am using their tools …

You will only receive VIDEO EMAILS from ME and NO ONE else!!  This tool

will also allow me to send out email messages and video emails all-at-once.   CLICK HERE

Your brother in Christ,


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