BETHELITE Endorsement, And More!

An endorsement from Carlos Zuniga, 30+ yr.  Watchtower member and former Bethelite!

Provocative and passionate, Cochise Pendleton addresses the urgent question of our time, who should we believe … the Bible or the Watchtower?  He builds a modern and compelling case for God’s truth.  This fascinating book is a must-read for everyone who’s interested in examining the authority of the Watchtower teachings vs. the Bible.

Blessings my brother Cochise and grace to you,
Carlos X. Zuniga. Former Jehovah Witness for 35 years
Los Angeles, California

An Endorsement From Another 30+yr. Watchtower Member!

I really hope your book reaches the masses, because it has totally emancipated my mind and I want it to do the same for others.  Cochise, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book. I must say that I was very hesitant to read the book because I was so afraid of what would happen to me if I did. Understand that I was conditioned by the organization that reading any material that was not printed by The Watchtower was frowned upon and you were considered an apostate. No opportunity is allowed for critical or intelligent thinking. I am sharing your book with all my former Watchtower friends.


Another Review …

The method in which Cochise Pendleton presented the various arguments is definitely a high point.  Fairness was given to each subject for both sides, in presenting the Watchtower’s teaching along side the teaching of the Bible on each subject.  The format is very easy to read and key points are made clear without excessive wording. I believe Mr. Pendleton’s work is capable of causing one negatively effected by Watchtower teachings to realize many of their important doctrines do not agree with Scripture.  Inviting the reader to decide for themselves should be a challenge to cause one to see Scripture other than through the eyes of the Watchtower.

Charles E. Kelley

One More Review!

Upon reading your book I am impressed with the way in which you approached a subject that is so dear to peoples hearts.
Like politics, religion is a touchy subject and one can be easily turned away or dislocated if they feel threatened when an opposing viewpoint is made. You have come from an educated and caring arena which shows that you have done your homework and have close knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.. Your book does not come off as an attack so much as an explanation, done in a truly Christian way. Kudos to you for breaching such a subject with poise, class, tact and heart. I will be passing this wonderful publication along to friends, family and strangers alike.

Thank you Cochise!

Your brother in Christ,
Dave (San Diego, Ca)

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