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Informative…Objective…Fair and Accurate, February 22, 2010
Bible vs. Watchtower is an easy-to-read and understand comparison of Watchtower and Biblical teachings.

Before reading this book, I was unaware of Jehovah’s Witness background, and from where they claim authority. The book presents the evidence clearly in a non-judgemental or condemning way. Though Mr. Pendleton is clearly correct in his findings, it is refereshing to become educated on a subject as sensitive as religion…on an objective “let the reader decide” basis.

Very well done…excellent book. Would recommend to anyone needing a “look behind the curtain” at Watchtower teachings and what makes that organization tick.

Ken Pedersen
Green Valley, AZ

Is the Watchtower confusing your spirituality?, February 23, 2010

By: The Eureka! Solution “The Gift of Vision” (Laguna Niguel, CA USA) – See all my reviews
As you are following the path of our Spiritual Journey, you are faced with many forks in the road, called religion. You reach a point on that path where you choose to follow a certain religious institution for their seemingly expert witness and interpretation of the word of God.

And how do you decide who that expert witness is?

You seek a well established church that not only talks the talk but also uses the word of God as their anchor.

Thankfully, Cochise Pendleton has laid out a simple and straightforward comparison of the Bible and the Watchtower. Mr. Pendleton’s Cliffs Notes about the Watchtower is a breath of fresh air to all. You are faced with a fork in the road and you can quickly examine the best way and make a decision.

The Eureka! moment occurs and you choose our path.

As an author The Eureka Solution: The Gift of Vision…who myself suggests what paths to take in life, Cochise Pendleton has taking an extraordinary complex institution and reveals it in a manner that is self-explanatory. The detailed references remove all bias and just give you the facts.

I embrace the dedication, passion and most importantly the moral courage of Cochise Pendleton to challenge the Watchtower in public and share his insights that only an Ex Jehovah Witness can experience and understand. Not only did he find Christ for himself, he is reaching out to current Jehovah Witnesses, Ex JW’s and others still seeking their way to better understand the word of God and the forks they will face on that path.

I am looking forward to the next Cliffs Notes that Cochise Pendleton will offer us as a guidepost in our Spiritual Journey.

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