God Is The Editor of The Watchtower … Court Testimony By Then Vice President, Fred W. Franz

2. God is the Editor of the Watchtower Magazine

Second, and directly related to the above claim, the Watchtower asserts that their magazine is edited by God. In the same Moyle vs. Franz case, the Watchtower Vice President, Fred W. Franz, testified under oath regarding the identity of the Watchtower’s editor (at Sections 2596-2597, pages 866-867 of the trial transcript):

Question: Didn’t you state that on October 15, 1931, the Watchtower discontinued the naming of an editorial committee and then Jehovah God became the editor?

Answer: I didn’t say Jehovah God became the editor. It was appreciated that Jehovah God really is the one who is editing the paper, and therefore the naming of an editorial committee was out of place.

Question: At any rate, Jehovah God is now the editor of the paper, is that right?

Answer: He is today the editor of the paper.

Question: How long has He been editor of the paper?

Answer: Since its inception he has been guiding it.

Question: Even before 1931.

Answer: Yes, sir.

Question: Why did you have an editorial committee up to 1931?

Answer: Pastor Russell in his will specified that there should be such an editorial committee, and it was continued down till then.
Question: Did you find that the editorial committee was in conflict with having the journal edited by Jehovah God, is that it?

Answer: No.

Question: Was the policy in opposition to what your conception of an editing by Jehovah God was?

Answer: It was found on occasions that some of these on the editorial committee were preventing the publication of timely and vital, up-to-date truths and thereby hindering the going of those truths to the people of the Lord in His due time.

By the Court:
Question: After that, 1931, who on earth, if anybody, had charge of what went in or did go in the magazine?

Answer: Judge Rutherford.

Question: So he in effect was the earthly editor-in-chief, as he might be called?

Answer: He would be the visible one to take care of that.

By Mr. Bruchhausen [Moyle’s attorney]:
Question: He was working as God’s representative or agent in running this magazine, is that right?

Answer: He was serving in that capacity.

Based on the above, the content of the Watchtower is not only the Word of God, it is also edited by God. As revealed by the testimony of the Watchtower Vice President, God has merely allowed a human to act as His “visible” editor-in-chief.

3. Angels Communicate Biblical Interpretation to the Watchtower

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