Meria Heller Show Visitors And Others … Welcome!

Welcome! Please, allow me to be your guide. But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Cochise Pendleton, author of this book, entitled, The Bible vs The Watchtower … You Decide.

Feel free to read my blog and comment. There are also posted reviews from readers. You may also take-a-look “inside” my book. I have made portions of my book available for you to read.

I have prepared a 2 minute video in which I reveal my research to the public. You will discover why I am so passionate … why I have gone public … and why this information is too valuable not to be shared with the world. If you look to the right of this screen, click on the link that says “Video-Book Promo” … then hit play.

Also, there are links to contact me via email, as well as direct links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I thank you all for visiting my site, and look forward to the Meria Heller show interview on April 7th.

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