Life After The Watchtower

What happens to those who leave the Watchtower after years of disillusionment?  Perhaps they were dis-fellowshiped or they just disassociated themselves to begin a new life.  Whatever the reason for their leaving, the question becomes … where are they now and what do they believe?

I am writing this blog because many of those who have left the Watchtower organization are still haunted (the effects of Watchtower brainwashing is a serious issue as personal experience has taught me) and perhaps lost.  There are some who have become agnostic or even atheists.  This of course is understandable and is one major side-effect of Watchtower mind-control. It is for this reason that my ministry has launched, and why I am writing this material.

There is a program that I host every other Sunday called, “Christianity 101.”   As a former member of the Watchtower organization for over 18 years, my ministry, today, is actually two-fold.  First, to help reverse the effects of Watchtower brainwashing, and second, to fill the void and hole that people experience once leaving the Organization.

I invite everyone who wishes to learn who God really is without someone looking over your shoulder policing what you do on a day-to-day basis.  Bring your bibles and get ready to learn how you can be saved, today, by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  The number to call and listen-in, ask questions, or just enjoy the program twice-a-month is: (712) 432-8710 pin# 9925 … Our next program is July 4th at 5pm PST.  All programs are recorded for your listening pleasure.  You may listen to each recorded program on this website.   You may also ask questions by text … my personal cell: (949) 678-7378 … or email me at: … My name is Cochise Pendleton and I hope to see you there!

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