Where To Now?

After leaving the Watchtower after 18 years of indoctrination, and feeling all fuzzy/protected, where to now I asked?  Where shall I go … Who shall I believe … What should I believe … Who should I trust, and why … Where am I going to get the answers?  These are all questions that perplexed me for years.

My name is Cochise Pendleton.  After leaving the Watchtower organization and drifting for some time, I never ceased in my efforts to search-out and hopefully discover who God was … but more importantly, what did He want of me.

Once I came to realize the importance of God’s son, Jesus Christ, was baptized again in Christ, I then wrote a book.  The title of the book, “The Bible vs The Watchtower (The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Authority) YOU DECIDE.”

I wanted to do more than just write a book and share it.  There had to be more!  That said, however, what could I do?  I knew my book would become a tool helping my former brothers and sisters with their Watchtower addiction/theology, but there was something even more critically needed.

Once you leave the bubble effect (pseudo spiritual protection) of the Organization, you will experience for lack of a better word, a hole … vacuum.  This hole needs to be filled.  If unattended, I have found that many who have left the Organization become either agnostic or atheistic (a side effect of leaving the Watchtower).

Rick Fearon, former member of the Watchtower, now Christian, hosts the SixScreensOfTheWatchtower.com  One of the programs, “Christianity 101” hosted by yours truly, in hopes to fill that proverbial hole caused by Watchtower removal. In other words, what does the Bible really teach on the subjects taught by the Watchtower?

Come and join the discussion. This is an open forum after the teaching is complete. I invite everyone to listen-in, participate, ask questions, and just be part of our Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible discussions. Allow God’s word to fill your hearts without the Watchtower or religion telling you what to do.

My next program is July 18th at 5pm PST, and two weeks thereafter. The number to call is (712) 432-8710 pin# 9925.

You may contact me by phone (949) 678-7378, by email at youdecide@cox.net, or through my website:

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