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First may I say thank you for writing and publishing your GREAT BOOK!!!!!  You have allowed me to DECIDE not to attempt to be reinstated.  My decision is NOT to respond to a Judicial Committee! … I decided to NOT nor EVER to respond to their threats …..  What Two Great Words …. Y O U  D E C I D E ! !

~Terry Schufelt, Former Elder of 35 years

“Cochise Pendleton set out to write a book that would provide an anecdote to the Watchtower addiction which controls even those who’ve left the organization. The last page sums it all up by restating the author’s purpose in exposing the Watchtower’s lack of credibility which in turn renders their teachings meaningless. I believe he accomplished his goal. As one formerly addicted to the Watchtower’s pseudo Christian teachings, I agree that in order to accept any other biblical interpretation, the mighty wall of Watchtower authority has to come down first. 

‘The Bible vs. The Watchtower’s’ presentation as a “case” shows the qualities of an attorney’s touch and in so doing lives up to the title which promises it’s jury “you decide…” The scope of this jury ranges from struggling current and former members of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the family and friends called to help and understand their addiction, and the body of Christ given the commission to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ with those who show up at their doors. The author offers tips on how Christians can go about sharing their faith respectfully with one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and includes the story of his own spiritual journey as well.

 Among the variety of books authored by former members of this religion, Mr. Pendleton’s stands out as unique due to the scores of Watchtower quotes and court case trial transcripts he managed to fit within less than 100 pages. It’s concise size with such easily referenced quotes make this a valuable ministry tool for those engaged in reaching Watchtower members. I would also recommend it for church leaders equipping their members through small group studies.”

~ Julie McAllen, Former Member of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Provocative and passionate, Cochise Pendleton addresses the urgent question of our time, who should we believe … the Bible or the Watchtower?  He builds a modern and compelling case for God’s truth.  This fascinating book is a must-read for everyone who’s interested in examining the authority of the Watchtower teachings vs. the Bible.”

~ Carlos X. Zuniga, Former Jehovah Witness for 35 years & Former Bethelite (Los Angeles, CA)

I really hope your book reaches the masses, because it has totally emancipated my mind and I want it to do the same for others.  Cochise, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book. I must say that I was very hesitant to read the book because I was so afraid of what would happen to me if I did. Understand that I was conditioned by the organization that reading any material that was not printed by The Watchtower was frowned upon and you were considered an apostate. No opportunity is allowed for critical or intelligent thinking. I am sharing your book with all my former Watchtower friends.”

~ Michael, Former 30+ year member of the Watchtower

The method in which Cochise Pendleton presented the various arguments is definitely a high point.  Fairness was given to each subject for both sides, in presenting the Watchtower’s teaching along side the teaching of the Bible on each subject.  The format is very easy to read and key points are made clear without excessive wording. I believe Mr. Pendleton’s work is capable of causing one negatively effected by Watchtower teachings to realize many of their important doctrines do not agree with Scripture.  Inviting the reader to decide for themselves should be a challenge to cause one to see Scripture other than through the eyes of the Watchtower.”

~ Charles E. Kelley

I just finished reading your book. I like the way it lays out fact. I will read it several more times so I can memorize the arguments as I feel a duty to relay this to those exposed to JW indoctrination (particularly some of my family members). … I feel a renewed urgency to share Christ with current/former JW’s (there are a handful of ex JW’s that are members of my church). I pray that with the book you have written, I can do so not only with facts but in LOVE. Good job, great read!

~ Jen Brewer

Before reading this book, I was unaware of Jehovah’s Witness background, and from where they claim authority.  The book presents the evidence clearly in a non-judgemental or condemning way.  Though Mr. Pendleton is clearly correct in his findings, it is refereshing to become educated on a subject as sensitive as religion…on an objective ‘let the reader decide’ basisVery well done…excellent book.  Would recommend to anyone needing a ‘look behind the curtain’ at Watchtower teachings and what makes that organization tick.”

~ Ken Pedersen (Green Valley, AZ)

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